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Co-Q10, a complex organic compound also known as ubiquinone, is produced naturally in all plants and animals.  It is an essential nutrient that supplies the biochemical “spark” that creates cellular energy.

What does this mean?  It means that Co-Q10 is critical to the production of energy within each cell in the human body.

This spark is especially important to athletes, active lifestyle and fitness enthusiasts who have an interest in ATP production as well as recoveryHere’s why:

Co-Q10, as with all enzymes consists of two parts—a protein and either a mineral or vitamin.  When coupled with a vitamin, it is referred to as a co-enzyme.  Co-Enzyme Q10 serves a catalyst in several chemical reactions that lead to the production of energy—in this case, ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate).

ATP is critical for athletes and fitness enthusiasts to constantly replenish their ATP supply.  The ability of the human body to manufacture its own Co-Q10 can decrease with age.  Without it, muscles, nerve impulses and body organ activities may slow down.

Overall Co-Q10 has been shown to:

  • Help in fat loss programs as it helps stimulate the body’s metabolism
  • Help in cell respiration, electron transfer, ATP production, control of oxidation reactions
  • Play a key role in treatment of cardiovascular illnesses, including congestive heart failure.

CO-Q10 and Statin Drugs

Nearly 40 million people will be taking Lipitor this year in the United States alone, with an additional 20 million taking other types of statin drugs (known as HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitors) to help lower cholesterol.   Most of these people will be over 50 years of age and few will be on supplemental Co Q-10.

This has caused some controversy within the medical community, itself.  While statin drugs are successful at inhibiting cholesterol production, they are equally successful at inhibiting the body’s production of necessary Co Q-10—as well as other important biochemical processes.  To some, this deficiency is particularly alarming.

Side effects of Co-Q10 deficiency include muscle wasting leading to weakness, severe back pain, heart failure (the heart is a muscle), neuropathy and inflammation of the tendons and ligaments, often leading to rupture.

People taking statin drugs should consult with their physicians regarding the potential benefits of Co-Q10 supplementation as well as appropriate dosage.

100 mg/100 Softgel Capsules
Pro Wholesale: $24.99/ Sug. retail: $39.99


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