Open Letter – Weight-Management

A Powerful “OPEN LETTER”

Generates More than 2,000 Inquiries in 7 Days

OpenLetterI just ran across this “OPEN LETTER” I developed for one of my marketing clients named Camille Green back in 2001.   I had forgotten how POWERFUL this advertising copy was and the RESULTS it produced.

Her small club was the “go-to” place for weight-management in her community (pop. 75,000) because it was her specialty.  She focused all of her marketing and advertising specifically on weight-management and healthy lifestyle living.

Every year, Camille took out a full page ad in her local newspaper with an “open letter” to the community.  She used the exact same copy in a direct mail piece and in a Money Mailer or Value Pak.  Her response rate was huge usually generating more than 2,000 phone calls and inquiries.  In 7 days!!!

It is POWERFUL COPY.  It’s been TESTED and it WORKS.

Camille sold her club in 2008.  So, today, I am bringing this “open letter” out of retirement — and sharing this very powerful copy with you as a Word document.  This way, you can download it, edit it, add your own images and use it any way that you feel will work for your business.

If you are one of our MAP System Admins, a WMU-101 Admin or both… then, this is great copy for you.




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