Whey Protein Disruption


As you may know, since November 2021 we have been out-of-stock of Whey Protein…. one of our most popular proprietary formulations.  


Unfortunately, the pandemic along with ongoing supply chain delivery issues, significant price increases and availability of raw ingredients has totally disrupted our low volume, small batch whey protein processing.


Just as you’ve noticed the insane price of gas, food and other commodities… the same thing has happened to the price of raw ingredients, containers, caps, seals, scoops and transportation, etc.  In some cases the increases have jumped over 300%!

Big and Small Producers..

Even the larger “mass produced” brands who warehouse 200,000 - 300,000 jugs of protein will soon be going up in price as they diminish their existing inventories and face the same increased costs and availability shortages. 


Our supplement manufacturer is a small, boutique custom lab with exclusive, proprietary formulations.  As such, the costs are already significantly higher than most mass produced consumer nutritional products. 


For the last six months we have worked diligently to identify alternative sources of protein isolate, concentrate and other raw ingredients to create our proprietary whey protein formulation.  However, we have yet to find suppliers who can meet our assay requirements at a reasonable price. 


This being the case we have elected to temporarily discontinue Whey Protein from our line-up of products until we can find the necessary high quality raw ingredients and components, at reasonable prices in order to meet the high quality standards you’ve come to expect from us.  


We absolutely will continue our quest to locate and negotiate with suppliers who can help us and will add it back to our product line-up as soon as we possibly can.


Also, we are running low on our pure, micronized, Super Creatine Monohydrate, as well.  Creatine costs have also skyrocketed so I can not guarantee it will be replenished right away.


Meanwhile, our unique, state-of-the art formulations in all other categories including Muscle Energy, Lipotropic Plus, Super L-Carnitine, Daily Multi-Vitamins with Digestive Enzymes and others have not been affected nearly as much as the powders.   We will maintain sufficient levels to accommodate all fitness partners.


I sincerely apologize if this affects you and your business.   I want you to know how much I appreciate your continued support and confidence.  It is because of this respect for you that we will NEVER attempt to pass off a lower quality product.  


I will most definitely keep you updated as we continue our quest to produce only the highest quality formulations for athletes and advanced fitness enthusiasts.