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Since 1989, Private Label Fitness, founded by Art Rothafel, has been involved with the development of state-of-the art fitness and training programs and components for sports, medical and weight-management applications

What Our Business Partners Say....



“I’ve been a customer of Art’s since I first began my career as a part-time personal trainer in 2001. I can remember calling Art up on the phone, having great conversations about my business, Art sharing his words of wisdom and experience, and purchasing batches of journals for my clients.

Almost 20 years later, I’m honored to say I still know Art, I still enjoy calling him on the phone and having great conversations about the business of fitness, and I consider him to be an outstanding leader in the fitness industry today.

There aren’t many people I know who’ve been consistent in their dedication to purpose and supporting entrepreneurs in the fitness industry for over a decade. Art is one of those rare people.

I highly recommend not only becoming his customer, but I encourage you to give him a call and meet a new friend. You’ll be glad you did.”

Sean Greeley
Net Profit Explosion




"I feel very privileged to have such amazing help available to me in my journey.  And, more importantly knowing that, you, too, have the same drive and passion as I do of helping people -- by doing the right thing.

You’re an amazing and caring person!  Thanks again, Art."

Jeremy Smith
Body Elite Systems


"Art --

You and your company continue to impress me. Your emails, support and service really is top notch. Since I talked with you on the phone early this week you continue to over deliver. That makes me feel good and makes me want to further my business with you.   I look forward to a long and continuous relationship with you. I can tell that you know so much about this industry and I am glad that I had the opportunity to work with you.


Josh Cherry


Foothill"As always, thank you!   You are truly the best-of-the-best!"

Best regards,

Brian Whelan - Owner
Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Foothill Gym
Monrovia, CA 91016

"You guys are awesome! You are one of the most professional companies I have ever worked with. Thank you for your prompt attention to my needs."
Don Roberts - Owner
Fitness Solutions
Durango, CO
Art,  I love what you're doing. Always have. Always will. I love your mindset and your giving spirit.

You are a blessing to many!   Thanks for all you do, Art.

Praying that all you put your hands to is blessed and multiplies! 

Deni Carruth - Owner
The Executive Wellness Coach


Good Morning! Trust you are well and good. Look forward to video #4 in the total picture for this great endeavor to really make a mark for weight management.  That's what we really need is a blueprint to help put together a total package to promote deliver and achieve excellence in the battle against obesity and for once tell the truth about real and lasting change in the body-composition arena.

Individually, it is nice to have the help and expertise of one's like yourself that put all the pieces of the puzzle together into one great bundle, as some of us don't have the tools literally to do this piece by piece and have it make any sense let alone present it in any real time format.

Thanks Art for all your hard work and getting this done to make it easier step-by-step.

Randal Postel  CWC; CFT;SFOA
950 E. Main
Warsaw, Mo. 65355

Hi Art,
The Daily journals with my logo arrived yesterday. They look AWESOME! That's great motivation.
Jesus Ortero
Hello Art:
Just wanted to tell you the feedback I have been getting regarding the Journal & Reference Manual is remarkable!
Mr. James Dixon
All Around Strong


FBBC_AdvThis is amazing thank you so much !!
Butch Nieves
New York Fit Body Boot Camp

Mr America's Personal Training



"I absolutely LOVE these supplements!!  Results almost immediately!  I am completely impressed.  Thank you so much, I will be sharing testimonials for sure!

You are the best!! What’s next!"

Michele Jamison
Nutrition, Fitness, & Healthy Lifestyle Mentor

I absolutely LOVE the MAP System...this is how I've done nutrition for over 6 years-it's how I was trained on a very expensive piece of software.  Much planning ahead, putting together many components to my business plan with several branded tools and products. 

Looking forward to working with you on a much bigger level both with my online business and my brick & mortar in the Midwest!  thank you for all you do and your amazing customer service.

Michele Jamison

"Hi Art and team,
I just received my daily journals today and I LOVE THEM! They are fabulous, thank you so much!

--From a very pleased customer,"



Hey Art,
"We rec'd the journals and they are fantastic. We will start working with them right away. Thanks again for all your help."
Jeff Glenn

Thank you so much for all of your assistance with our order. The journals look great! I appreciate all of your help. We are loving the final product, so thank you again for your great work.

Cortney Heileman
St. Clair Wellness Center


Hi Art!
The supplements arrived today. Two words: ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!
Jesus Ortero
 Hello Art,
Thank you for all your professional assistance. You will hear from me again in the next couple of months to purchase some more products. You have a great business and know it will help set me up as a market leader. Thanks!"
Rynaard Muller - owner
IMPACT Fitness Nutrition

"I got my order. Thank you! It's perfect."

Albert Gavaldon


BigAl"Being a competitive Natural Bodybuilder for over 37 years, I can tell you that the Daily Journals that Private Label Fitness sells are second to none.

I have used the 12-week journals to propel me into winningThe Florida State Bodybuilding Masters Title as well as winning The NGA Masters National Bodybuilding Championships3 times -- the latest being in November 2012 in Coral Springs, Florida. I am currently training, hopefully, to win it for a 4th time in November 2013.

I am thoroughly convinced that if someone wants to get the most out of their training, that their training regimen and their food intake should be documented. If you are a serious athlete about your sport, you should be using these journals. It is the "last piece of the puzzle, and the most important piece" that will propel you to the top of your sport! I always recommend it to my clients and they love it. I am sure that you will too! I wouldn't train for any competition without it and you shouldn't either!"


Once again the Fitness journals proved their importance in my training regimen. By keeping track of my workouts and my food intake, the journal propelled me to finishing runner-up in two different classes at The Nationals all Natural Bodybuilding Championships on November 2, 2013. Being a successful Natural bodybuilder for many years, your fitness journals have taken me to the top of my bodybuilding game many times, and I couldn't have achieved what I've accomplished without them. I am certain of that! Thank you for such a great product! Thay are worth their weight iin gold for the serious athlete!


"We are absolutely thrilled with the branded marketing brochures. We were just discussing with our team this evening how Private Label Fitness has exceeded expectations on every offering and service."

Thank you again for the excellent service!
David and Erin Hawkins

Manassas, VA
"The protein I just received sold out the first day AND the reason may surprise you. Of course I always buy 12-15 jugs knowing 8 are already spoken for. I've been talking up this protein for years but 50% of my clients still choose other inferior and most times more costly brands. This time it was different, they saw the killer private branded jugs with my company name and logo BUT the first thing they all remarked about was the red stevia badge."
Geoff Kalmbach
Functional Fitness Training
Destin, FL



"You guys are awesome! You are one of the most professional companies I have ever worked with. Thank you for your prompt attention to my needs."
Don Roberts
Fitness Solutions
Durango, CO

Heather Binns of Full of Life Fitness shows us her super-premium branded formulas.

"Hi Art,
I love what you've been up to. You're really providing some super high quality.
Great Stuff. Thanks."

Patty Rose

Hey Art,

Thank you for the awesome fitness journals and fitness video. I have had the exercise and fitness journals for less than 12 hours, and I've already set up a few of my personal training clients with well defined fitness goals. I really think your fitness journals will take my personal training to a new level, separate myself from all the other personal trainers out there in this competitive market, and hold my clients accountable for their eating habits outside of their time with me. I can't thank you enough for all of your advice, help, and what I find the most value in - YOUR AWEOME CUSTOMER SERVICE."

You're awesome Art! I'll definitely be doing more business with you and refer you to people in the future.
Thanks again,
Kirby Madison


My other cards look so very plain now. I only have abt 20 left and I can't wait for them to be gone.
I am so glad that you worked in my cards. Gold Medal work!!!
Vicki Chung
Maximum Performance Athletics

Thank you, Art.

You're awesome, brother. Btw, I like the new shorter promo video. It'll be good to have the potion of both, in terms of putting together separate campaigns. WMU-101 will be one of my main online income streams for 2014.


Sincere Hogan
New Warrior Training

Hi Art,
You're the best! Thanks so much.
Master Tony Garcia
You have been a great inspiration to me since 1990. Keep rocking out the Private Label stuff!

Barry Herbert


Hi Art,
Thanks for the lightening fast reply and a great explanation of why you do what you do. No need to say sorry for your message. I appreciated it. It's easy to see the passion you have for the industry but also the respect you have for those who has devoted their heart into the industry also. That I greatly respect and thank you for defending it for others. I also like your way of thinking with whom you hire and what they can benefit from it also. If I were wearing a hat, I would tip it to you.
Thanks for everything and I will be ordering some more products shortly.
Until then, take care. I look forward to the growth of your business over time and conducting business together for a long time to come.
Phil Brown
Personal Trainer

Hey Art,

Just wanted to say the Journals look great and I WILL be ordering more!!Thank you for all your great work:)
Michelle Boler
(727) 365-7624
Face Book Fit 'n Sexy Bootcamp
Meet Up Group

... I love what you're doing. Always have. Always will. I love your mindset and your giving spirit. You, Sir, are a blessing to many!I also love what you said in your article. I think it was Reason #3: Training is Still a Personal Business. That was awesome! Truth! I may need to quote you, if you don't mind. I think the same mindset goes for group personal training vs bootcamps or large (way too large) groups. Thanks for all you do, Art. Praying that all you put your hands to is blessed and multiplies! Yep, shear.....

Deni Carruth
The Executive Wellness Coach


Received my order yesterday and just wanted to say how pleased I am with everything....the business card design was perfect and the 2X fat-loss stock is fantastic.....please feel free to use my logo in your ads, and should you have a potential client who is sitting on the fence, ask them to call me and I will tell them, from my standpoint, how you have helped grow my business. Have happy and safe holidays my friend!
With great respect,

Doc Hall's Fitness & Nutrition Superstore
3233 Maricamp Rd Unit #406
Ocala, Florida 34471


Hi Art

You got me in trouble this weekend at a fitness marketing workshop I attended. I’m not mentioning any names here cuz I don’t want to get in any more trouble and I hope you post this on your blog for others to read. You can also use it as a testimonial or warning or whatever.

About midway through the day’s session during a Q&A session with the whole group (about 75 of us) I asked the host why he had not mentioned private label fitness as a resource for branded products. After all this was all about MARKETING!

He stated that while PLF is a good company with a good reputation he could not guarantee the quality of the products. And he went on to proclaim his “sponsors” made the best products and that he could stand behind them.

Right then a woman named Becky stood up and stated she’s done business with you for over 15 years and that PLF has some of highest quality products in the industry and that her products look awesome with her logo on them.

I vouched for you, too. Then a few other guys started saying they bought branded products from you! You’d think we worked for you with the endorsements of your products, the branding and how you personally answer your own phones and stuff.

One guy even even asked the host, “How can you call yourself a marketing expert and NOT recommend Private Label Fitness?”

It was pretty funny. You’ll be getting some calls from some of the attendees. You’ll probably also get a call from the host. He’ll probably want to work out some kind of deal with you.

So, here is my advice to anyone attending a fitness marketing seminar. If they don’t mention Private Label Fitness as a fantastic resource for branded, top quality products.. you should probably ask for your money back and run away!

Randy Pedrosian
Epic Fitness


"Hi Art,
I just wanted to take a minute and let you know that I received my first 15 copies of the 12 Week Journal and have to say the quality is outstanding. I was extremely impressed. Also, the turnaround time from order to journals being in my hand was super fast."
Thanks again,
Evan Zingman
Z Physique LLC

"The video is awesome and thank you for the attachment!"

Mark Moore
Underground Fitness
Sewell, NJ


Thanks for all your help, Art!

"Supplements look great and the detailed info was easy to add to the website (so people are informed before they buy). I'm hoping to place another order soon, so I'll be in touch!

Thanks again and hope you have a great weekend!"

Mike Karban
Totally Toned Personal Training

"It looks great. You guys are awesome! You are one of the most professional companies I have ever worked with. Thank you for your prompt attention to my needs."

Don Roberts
381 South Camino del Rio


Hello Art,
"Thanks ever so much for speaking with me today. Attached is the zip file, that has an eps version we spoke about. I plan to place the initial order on Friday."

Dr. Arlene M. Lester


Hi Art,
Thank you so much for the revised logo! It looks so much better on my site now, really appreciate your help. I love how the Daily Journal looks. Thanks again for your help Art!
Joseph Morstad
722 Genevieve St., Suite S
Solana Beach, CA 92075

"I was searching for a supplement line that I could label to add another profit center to the new sports training company I am starting. I came across your site and I must say: "WOW!" Not only do you offer supplements, you also offer SO MUCH MORE. This really is some amazing stuff, and it's all set up for me. This will allow me to focus on training while still having great content to help expand my business. I've thought about boot camps in the past but now I am sure to be adding that as well, which will lead to the member site with the MAP. I will definitely be using many of your products. THANK YOU for making the BUSINESS side of the Fitness Business so much easier."

Darrin Nicoli
The Next Level Sports Training & Fit Body Boot Camps


Hey Art I just received my polo and it looks great! I want to order another one, same size as everything. Thanks again Art!Move Better. Feel Better. Look Better!
Chris Abbott
Total Fitness and Health, LLC
The proof looks great! You guys are on top of it. Great response time, great customer service.
Andy Schnadig
Holistic Performance
Oceanside, CA

This is Billy Hofacker from Total Body Boot Camp in New York. I know Samantha Gilchrist has been in touch with you about a project we are starting June 1st.

I remember calling you about 10 years ago. You were very helpful in answering my questions at the time although I wasn't ready to purchase. I remembered our conversation until this day and that's why I had Sam contact you. I just thought I'd share that with you.

Billy Hofacker
Total Body Boot Camp


Hey Art,

I just got my first order of journals. I am AMAZED at how Awesome they are! I can't wait to order the other materials. I'm totally sold on your whole program. I'm tired of trying to re-invent the wheel.

Thanks so much!

Angel Arroyo


"I received the business cards I ordered and they are awesome! The set up is exactly how I asked for it and the card quality is the best! Thanks so much for the fabulous offer and once again, awesome product!"

Patty Durell, PTA
Sports & Fitness Training Systems, LLC


"I received the business cards – they look great! Again, a very professional job. I really appreciate your work."

Diana Lovejoy
Lovejoy Fitness

"I received my journals on Monday and they look great! They were actually much better quality than what I had expected! My clients have really been impressed. Thank you so much. Look for a re-order soon!"

Andy Clark

"Art, thanks for the quick response to all of our orders! That is great customer service. Also thanks for the Starbucks Gift Card (how did you know I’m an addict!!) Keep up the great work!"

Thomas Jackobs, CPT, RES
Body3 Fitness Center
www.Body3Fit.comHello Art,

"Thank you Art.. You have been such and inspiration when I had no more ideas left you came up with something else to try.. God Bless you and much success in 2010.."

Mary J.

"I wanted to let you know we received our order for T-Shirts and Journals the other day, they look great! We are looking forward to placing more orders in the future. Thanks for everything!"


ReInvent Strength Training Center

"Thanks for the prompt service and we appreciate the services you offer - absolutely awesome!"

Ron McDonald Jr. -- CPT
Personal Trainer
Mind and Muscle Fitness


"The fliers arrived yesterday, and they look "fantastic!" I can’t thank you enough. The card stock looks especially good – professional. I will be sure to recommend your services to others!

Diana Lovejoy


"Just wanted to let you know a member approached me today & asked if I had something done to my face. She said I looked radiant. I have been using the skincare line for about a month now. WOW! Guess its working. Thanks again."

Tracy Ciccone
Oxygen Fitness & Sports


"Thanks so much for everything you have done. I / you add credibility to my company every day! It shows! 43% growth 2006-2007 and 60% growth 2007-2008! And, 2009 is off to an even better start with double the numbers for the first two months over 2008! Branding and name recognition! Before they knew Andy Voris and now they know BodyForm Personal Training!!!! Thanks!"

Andy Voris
BodyForm Personal Training


Friday I just landed a big corporate account to teach a 12-Week Weight Management course! Thanks to your great resources (and of course, my winning personality 🙂 If this one course goes well they are going to expand it to the rest of the workforce which would mean hundreds more. Thanks again."

MaryAnn Molloy
Chief Fitness Officer
Healthy Body, Fit Mind


"The “Basic Physiology” interactive video is great---I love it! I am just setting up a website now and I would love to use this as a tool! Thank you !!"

Teri Rosendale


"Just wanted to say thank you for your excellent customer service and outstanding marketing support. I look forward to your e-mails with all the goodies attached. You exemplify what I tell my trainers all the time, "Putting the 'Personal' back into Personal Training" Thanks again and I look forward to a long, and profitable, business relationship."

Mark Severn
wellness services


Hey Art,

"I want to tell you these have always been a quality product and it makes our job easier. Keep up the good quality."

Jason M. Stuckey
Push! Fitness for Women


"I need to give you a recommendation for your skin care line. I'm really liking what I am using! Can't figure out why it took me so long to switch over!"

Cathy Seeling
Executive Director
Friendly Center


"I love the journals! I can literally recycle tons of “assessment/journal to do folders” I have been meaning to combine into one journal over the past three years. The certification company I worked through should have offered these. Thanks for your time, conversation and great customer service!"

Amy Peacock


"The Journal Layout: Awesome dude, awesome. I love it. Print it. Thanks."

Sgt. Nate
Nate Griffin
Personal Touch Fitness


"I got the weight-managemenet posters today! I love them!"

Andy Voris
Body Form Personal Fitness Training


" are awesome.....your recovery strategy worked. We received the new shipment Saturday AM. Our open house was awesome! We sold 17 maintenance programs from our previous bootcamp and enrolled 17 new 12-month or more members. We received one box from the first shipment (10 journals I think) regardless we will need the xtra 20 you sent......please call me next week to settle up.

Enjoy Life! Exercise!
Barry Herbert


"I am very excited about partnering with Private Label Fitness. I have placed my initial order for 25 workout logs (12 week version). I look forward to presenting the logs to my current & new clients. I have started my assessment of the Beta-Test MAP site. It is awesome...everything I wished for in an online system. I am attaching my logos, my "transformation" symbol (The Butterfly), and my brochure. I want to tie all of these materials together using the basic concepts of branding.

Pamela Myers
Ellenwood, GA


"I LOVE the marketing kit that I purchased from you. I am implementing the ideas now and really starting to see things happen."

Carol Dunlop
Optimum Body Sculpting
Woodstock, GA


"Hello Art, I literally just hung up the phone with you 10 seconds ago. I am compelled to write to you and tell you how impressed I am with you taking the time to speak to me personally. When I called I had expected to speak with a person sitting in a room full of phones taking calls and giving sales pitches; only to finish the call frustrated, more confused, and put through the run around ringer. You answered all of my questions, and you took the time to educate me a bit beyond what I read on your website. I hung up even more excited about what you do for people like me than I was before the call.

Your website is easy to navigate. I require user friendly tools like that because of my time (or the lack of) and I am not computer friendly. LOL, I am not a guru by any means.

Your products are fantastic! I have tried a few other avenues and was not at all impressed. I paid my dues only to be pushed out of the nest to fly on my own. The others were not user friendly and did not allow me to create. I believe in creating customized plans for each of my clients. That was limited in the other things I have tried. I love that my logo is on everything, and I represent my business not someone else’s. After all that is where my clients put their trust. I also like that the products can be used to get started in a plan and continued to be used as my clients’ progress.

Because of you and your business; my business can grow professionally and run more smoothly. I will be able to devote more time to my clients, as well as offer them state of the art tools that I can be proud to put my name on, and that will enhance taking my clients to that next level of success time and time again. I can not thank you enough for today and I look forward to dealing with you and your company!

In good health,

Erica Rae
Rhode Island


"I love the journals. They look fantastic and so professional. I'm impressed at how fast you were able to get them to me. I was thinking of pricing them at $16.00 and $21.00. I was so worried that I would have a problem selling them, even at that low price. After speaking to you yesterday, I decided to listen to you and priced the 12 week journal at $25.00 and the 8 week at $20.00.

I have only had two customers in this morning and both purchased the 12 week journals. They were very excited at what they saw. One of the ladies is a life time member with Jenny Craig and she was very impressed. She told me this journal was much better than what she was getting from Jenny Craig. I'm sure I will need to order some more soon. I plan on adding the reference Manuel and some supplements real soon. I only wished I would have done this sooner.Thanks for being so patient with me and guiding me with all your knowledge. I really appreciate it.

Bernadette Miller
American Fitness for Women
Houston, TX
(713) 457-8406


"Thank you for the great job you guys did on the tank tops. I could not have expected it to look any better. You can bet that I will be ordering more custom-branded items soon.

Joe Palmieri
Rhino Fitness Personal Training
“How Bad Do You Want It?”™

"You don't know me since I'm not one of your customers, yet. But I thought you'd be interested in this since your name seems to be popping up everywhere.
While I run our two clubs, my wife is a CPA with a small financial planning and tax preparation business. I recently accompanied her to a marketing seminar geared for small accounting firms.

You can imagine my surprise when during a section called "Expertise From Different Boxes" up on the screen came a shot of your Private Label Fitness home page! The seminar leader, Albert Schwartz, told the audience that this was one of the best marketing sites he's found for helping "mom & pop" business owners.

Then he clicked on your blog and said, "If nothing else, you should read every single blog entry and see what applies to your own business. This is a gold mine of clever ideas, marketing positioning and sound business practices."

He also mentioned specific entries like Ford Vs. Ferrari, Change Agent and Your Position and others I can't remember. Well since then, I've spent the past two days on your site. He's right. It's awesome. Then, just yesterday, I received my e-newsletter from Fitness Management Magazine. And there you were again responding to a question regarding pro shops. And, again, you offered sound advice. Thanks for all you do."

Randy Dennison
Peachtree City, GA


"Exercise & Nutritional Journals look great!"

Mike Mulhall
Extreme Ice Center


"LOVE the journals! They look amazing! Can't wait to get them out onto the work out floor! Thanks a bunch."

Catt Tripoli
5th Street Fitness
515 5th St.
Santa Rosa, CA. 95401-6324


"Thank you for all the follow up opportunities…everybody really likes the journals and we are using them to keep people aware. It is helping quite a bit. Thanks again Art, great stuff!"

David Jack
Teamworks Fitness
75 Felton Street
Marlboro, MA

"Thank you!..... I'm excited and looking forward to being a beta-tester!!!!! You're a real sweetheart to work with AS ALWAYS

Updates: I have just finalized and gotten approval from Kim (our WG Gen. Mgr.) on my new addition visions to All About You. They will include Group Nutrition sessions (8 weeks) and the expansion to my current Nutrition in Motion - Kids "Specialty Classes" ( an 8wk. course of Nutrition (30 min.) & Dance (1hr.) will now also offer Nutrition in Motion - Ladies...8wks/ 2hrs/ Nutrition & Dance (based on ballet, jazz, freestyle & intro hip-hop) - 1hr. each. Info is going out now; initial start up scheduled for March 31st. Getting the website updated in the next week to 10 days. Will keep you posted to the completion and maybe you can ten update the link you have to the site.

Thanks for WHO you are, WHAT you do, and the fact that you're ALWAYS moving forward."

Patricia Woody
Certified Nutritionist
All About You
Balanced Nutrition & Training Lifestyle
Email: Select: Nutrition Center
PTC: (770) 631-8004


"We just received our journals and they look great!!! Thank you so much!!!"

Jatinder Bhambra
Civilian Welfare Fund
9800 Savage Road Suite 6343
Fort Meade, MD 20755


"Just wanted to thank you for your great customer service and I'm sure we are going to be doing more business in the future."

Troy Fontana
Fontana Fitness,LLC
325 Harbor Cove #115/117
Sparks, Nv 89434


"I just wanted to let you know that the Journals and Manuals came out - PERFECT!"

Jon Gray


"I just received my order today for the Daily Journals and was amazed at how great they looked. Not only did they look great but the fact that you shipped them out within a day of my order is even more amazing. I had book marked your site a while ago but was hesitant, so debating back and forth I finally decided to place an order to check the journal out for myself and to my surprise I am totally 100% satisfied. Thank you so much"

Daisy Nieves
Personal Trainer


"The shipment arrived today. The labels look great. I had a blind taste test with my friends today, and my mother who drinks 5 or more cups of tea a day. They all loved it. Thank you for the shirt it looks great. Looking forward to using more of your products, supps, beauty, and marketing. Thanks for the great products."

Jason Hansana-Cofield
Millennium Personal Training
Millennium Nutrition
(631) 574-5094


"You never cease to amaze me. I am a fitness professional in Houston, Texas, with almost 20 years of experience & nearly 3 yrs with the new business - MPOWER Expert Fitness & Nutrition. I am constantly implementing your advice and it is definitely improving my business. Your information is always the BEST. The fitness industry needs you!"

Marcus McDade


"Ciao, Art! You are the best! At what? At everything, of course! In particular, I cannot stress how super your Journals are. I recently finished teaching a high school course for a homeschool co-op involving Anatomy and Nutrition entitled, “Fitness Warrior For God” aimed at 6th-12th graders. I used the daily journals, medicorp CD’s and the reference manuals as curriculum with my students. They loved all of the materials but, better yet, the parents of the students loved them even more! As a result, I obtained an entire family as training clients. Once again, you are such an amazing influence and have truly encapsulated everything that a training business should be about. Keep up the fantastic work, low prices and huge inventory. I will be YOUR client forever!"

Erin J. Morgart BA CPT
CEO/Owner BellaFiguravita LLC
Personal Training Studio


"Thanks for the real articles on things like your friend who retired early had to say. With articles like the accelerate, it does make you think. And that is good....Plus, man you look good for 53...I always thought looking at your pic you were about 38...Nice genes....Thanks to your parents and a wise Creator....I'm 55 and hope I look that good! I'm still looking for that wisdom too! Thanks for helping..."

Randal Postel


"You Rock! I wish all companies I deal with were as reliable and efficient as you guys!!! Many thanks!"

Melinda Prince
360 Fitness


"Just wanted to say "Thank you" for getting those program books and CDs done - they look fantastic - I sold 2 with 2 personal training programs already! Thanks - I know I will be in touch to order more!"

Sandra Schimek
Owner and Certified Personal Trainer
Primal Fitness

"I have been a customer of yours and I LOVE your Blog!! I send clients to the info site to view the movies. I teach a class YOU 101 and use the manual (weight loss management) and the is all a part of the education that I offer at my studio: Just You Personal Training.

Toty is my mother in dads wife, and her results are the product of Work....Training/Nutrition/ and Cardio... No pre made foods, no pills...Sweat, and sometimes tears....Work... So Jenny Craig can keep her super stars....we have our own here!! Keep on spreading the TRUTH!!!"

Jennifer Ashley
B.A., C.P.T.
Just You Personal Training (760) 414-4257
~ Embrace your body, Enhance your Life


"I love this spot and all that you have on the blog and newsletter. I share the info with all my ISSA fellow trainers and the Kentucky Association of Fitness Professionals. As you know I have been using your products since 1997, 10 years now, and it has proven to be the most consistent, effective and successful products I have ever used. You guys just keep getting better!"

JR Smith


WOW! Art, ...what a presentation. Awesome; professional beyond anything currently available. I am looking forward to seeing the entire presentation. Can this be downloaded onto a disk and shared with someone in their home that doesn't have a computer? IF so, another big WOW!

Everyone thus far that I have put on the program using your software has been so excited and doing very well. Thanks again for such an incredible product and service. I am proud to be associated with such a professional group of people such as Private Label Fitness.

J.R. Smith
ISSA - c.f.t., s.p.n., s.s.c.,
NBFE board registered
Injury Prevention, Sports and Fitness Training Specialist
ISSA Rep # 2408


"WOW! Great info! I love all of the quizzes! Thank U!"

Karen Geninatti


"Already got the journals today! Your company is awesome! Thanks so much for the quick delivery. I needed them today, but didn't think I would have them in time."
Jessica Thomas
San Diego

"Thanks for the info. I appreciate it, it’s very helpful and the program is going great for us so far."

Maurice Orlando
Director of Fitness
Cherry Hill Health & Racquet Club


"Boy you all are fast. The packaging looks super. Thanks so much for doing that beautiful custom job".

John Beverly Jones

"I wanted to write and let you know how much we like the journals. My trainers particularly are impressed with the layout and content. We intend on ordering many more on a recurring basis."

Hope R. S. Ashby
President/General Manager
Ultimate Health & Fitness
dba Anytime Fitness
Liberty, MO

"You know, you’re going to give fitness suppliers a good reputation if you’re not careful!"

Dennis Rabon
Anytime Fitness - Columbia, SC


"I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with “Restorative Marine Moisturizer”. My Aesthetician recommended I try a moisturizing cream as the skin on my face was becoming drier. The one she recommended smelled so strong of citrus I could not stand to have it on my face. I went to a local mall and bought an expensive hydrating moisturizer, but it had no effect, my skin was still dry. That’s when I tried your “Restorative Marine Moisturizer” this cream is wonderful, the skin on my face is no longer dry and there is no odor with this cream. I absolutely love it. I have noticed that many of the fine lines I was getting on my face have disappeared. Thank you for this wonderful moisturizing cream. It has made a huge difference to my skin!

Cynthia Drury


"My Dermatologist recommends that I use a sun block everyday. This sun block provides an excellent level of coverage without the greasy feeling that most sun blocks have. I also like that it is almost odor free. I highly recommend it."

Bruce Drury


"The journal is an absolute hit with my clients. I will have to order more soon! Hands down the easiest and best business decision I've made. Its cost effective and a wonderful training tool. If you can e-mail me back asap, I'm looking forward to placing an order for cookbooks as well as more journals this month."

Justin Bowers

"The packaging (supplements) came out awesome!.... I will be placing another order tomorrow. Thanks AGAIN!"

Ron Adams
Strategy 3 Custom Nutrition


"Hi Art... you were right! I gave all my Body FX Boot Camp "buddies" a complimentary tube of sunscreen (Advanced Protection SPF-30) for free at the beginning of the camp in March. It was a nice gesture and they all appreciated it. Well, now they want more and are willing to pay the $20 with no hesitation. You told me they would. Sorry to have been doubtful. Please send me 3 cases with my label."

Betsy Tollman
Body FX

"We sold the whole case of SPF-30 on the same day it arrived. I've received numerous compliments from some very picky ladies on my "brand" of sun screen. Are the rest of the products of equal quality? Please send me one of each for review."

Samantha Cunningham
Boston, MA

"My wife LOVES the skin care products. She says they are some of the best she has used."

Howard L. Rappaport
President and CEO
Pacific Sports Health Management, Inc.
30342 Esperanza Suite 300
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

"The journals turned out great! I would like to place an order for another 20 of them."

Alec Hunter
Phone: 310.226.2800
Fax: 213.291.2175
Los Angeles, CA


"Another round of books please - your customer service is fantastic!"

Keith Hertling
Topeka, KS


"Just received my nutrition journals, and they are FANTASTIC!!! You folks at private label fitness are great!!! I will certainly be ordering more from you in the future! Thanks again!!"

Lisa Zeigler
A Healthy Fit
Lansdale, PA

"Our cook books and journals look wonderful. You've done a super job. It's a pleasure doing business with you. Your company understands customer service well."

Lynne Welling
Fitness Director
Club Fit,
Jefferson Valley, NY

"Received my first 10 packaged sets (Body Smart) on Friday p.m. Went to the Gym with them in hand yesterday. They were a TOTAL hit...... 110%. A big THANKS to you! Your process has added calm simplicity to what could have been a nightmare. Thanks again!"

Patricia Woody





"Art, (should have done this long ago) I wanted to take a minute to thank you for all of your help. Where should I begin?
The first time I ever called your company I spoke with you directly, I thought that was amazing. What was more amazing is that you weren't in a hurry to get an order and get me off the phone. You spoke extensively about your products and your passion for the industry really showed. But that's not all! EVERY time I call I have spoken directly with you and you still take the time to understand my needs and my business, that is awesome! I can't think of any company (except my own!) that has such great customer service. I know that I can pick up the phone and talk to you any time I have a question or concern.

That aside, I can't begin to tell you how having your products at my studio has dramatically increased my revenues. Brand awareness is great, but you can brand anything. The product has to truly work, live up to its claims and provide a benefit to the user. That is exactly what your products do! Selling products such as the supplements really sets me aside from the typical personal trainer and places me as an expert in the field. It provides me with a continuous income as a front-end and back-end sales tactic.
On the front-end I may not be able to convert all potential clients into actual training clients (I'm good, but don't always get everyone!)...however, everyone can afford and needs a multivitamin! That one sale can potentially bring in an additional $264 per year, itself. That may not seem like a lot, but if I continually market my services and other products that number can (and almost always does) come back ten-fold. That IS a lot!
On the back-end, when I do convert someone to a client they see me as an expert and if I recommend a product to them they WILL purchase it. You can't lose! Any of the trainers or business owners reading this needs to know the lifetime value of a client or customer. That truly drives your business and if you don't know this number you really need to sit down and figure it out.

I highly recommend any trainer or business owner looking to include nutritional supplements or programs to use MediCorp for ALL their needs. You just can't get a better, more reliable product anywhere. Art, thank you for all your support and I look forward to continued success working with you.

If you need a specific reference, that anyone can call, feel free to include my number. 614-425-5016.

Matthew Hickey
Fitness Spectrum


"Thank you so much. I love the journals and so will my clients!"

Jennifer Branning
Fort Wayne, IN

"Our supplements look fantastic. Thanks very, very much. The color match is great. Great quality! We appreciate it!"

Michael & Paul

"Thank you for the quick response to my Lipotropic Plus Formula question. I will share it with the rest of my staff on Monday. Your "long-winded" reply was extremely beneficial and it was definitely worth your time to elaborate in detail. That is what separates your company from the rest."

Trisha Sears
Personal Trainer Coordinator
Idaho Athletic Club

"First, let me say a big “thank you” to you for all of the great stuff you put out (most of it for free). It’s time to order more 12 week journals."

Jonathan Ross
Aion Fitness
Fitness for a Lifetime...and the Time of Your Life!
Men's Journal Magazine's Top 100 Trainers in America
2005 ACE Personal Trainer of the Year - 1st Runner Up


"Thank you for the presentation. Your company has been great with passing on great information and support materials in the area of fitness. I have enjoyed the materials I ordered in the past and plan to order more in the near future. Thank you again"

La Shonda Herring


"Here's a rumor for you. As a certified nutritionist, I've tried them all. Apex, Diet Master, Nutri Genie and even the real "pro" packages like NutriBase, ESHA and Nutritionist Pro. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, but your MAP Package (Web-based Menu Planner plus printed support materials and supplements) is, by far, the best choice for fitness professionals. User-friendly, affordable, private-label, comprehensive and non-technical educational support are just a few of reasons why. Keep up the great work and I'll continue to spread "good" rumors about your company!"

Michelle Knowlton
Trinity Fitness
Ft. Worth, TX


"Thanks for a very interesting discussion. Your website is rich with fantastic information. Very impressive."

Jonathan Roosevelt
My Healthy Fit

"I want to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU for the exceptional products you offer. We've been selling private-label supplements and nutrition counseling software CD's successfully for quite some time now, and the feedback from our members is always great.

What I most appreciate about you and your company is that you take the time to personally answer the phone and actually listen to my questions, concerns and suggestions. These days it's so common to get the 'voicemail run-around' that I am always pleasantly surprised to speak with you in person!

Just an FYI - one of the biggest advantages you have over your supplement-supplier competition is that you have a reasonable minimum order quantity. Many other companies require a minimum order of THOUSANDS of bottles, which is cost-prohibitive for most small businesses. Thanks for remembering that not everyone can order by the train-load!
Pete Johanson


"We spoke extensively about a year ago when I was getting my cookbook out. I wanted to thank you for everything you do. I appreciate the emails and I appreciate being affiliated with you. Your quote "We're a small company that likes to look big" inspired me. I have considered a lot of the things you have put out there and will be calling you for them in the near future. However for now I just wanted to say thanks for letting me involve my company with you. I appreciate it."

Hugh W. Rardin
CEO/ Results Personal Training, Inc.


"I just got my Private Label Supplements. Everything looks amazing. You really provide a great value to people like me. Thanks for making things happen even when you are on vacation, “yer the man!”.

Ed Downes
Renu Body
Marshfield, MA


"Journals sold great! Clients love them (and our trainers love selling them!). I'll take 100 eight-week journals this time.

Bobby Aldridge
Senergy Fitness Systems


"I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the way the labeling looks on the products. Thanks so much for the great job and I will be ordering more soon."

Steve Price
Phone: (561) 667-3444


"I'm leading a 14-week health and fitness class at a church I volunteer at. I'm so glad you offer this journal - there is NO WAY I could get one together cheaper, faster or any where near better! Thanks again!"
Lauren Loper
Your Mobile Gym, Inc.


San Juan Capistrano, CA

"Thank you for being available and someone to confide in as a resource for reliable information and Product. The private label is huge!!"
Rick Herrin Fitness
Dallas, TX

"I am expanding my facility and moving into a larger building next month. I also have 3 women competing in the AZ State Figure. A big month for me. I am going to start using the entire MediCorp line-up of supplement and private-label materials. Also, we are going huge into promotion as my job is going to mostly be marketing and sales…………..I love your materials you are the marketing KING!"

Darryl Daniels –
Beyond Bodyz

"I am continually impressed with the high quality of your products and attention to detail. In June, I will be participating in a huge promotion with the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce and expecting to get a lot of new, very specific hits on my site. I am planning on using your products for all my existing clients and newly generated clients in the future. I will be buying your products and providing them to everyone and anyone in my business. Private labeling is ideal for me. Thanks again for everything, Art..
Michael Risley

"Your products and info are the best I've come across. It's packaged the best, and is scientifically sound. I've been in the fitness business 25+ years and this helps package nutrition/education in the most user friendly way. I am opening a 20,000sq.ft. Wellness center in Dec. and am looking forward to starting all our members off on the right foot with Private Label Fitness."

Carter Hays


"I think the MAP System is a great! I'm a nutritionist and personal trainer. I also participate in natural competitive bodybuilding. The MAP System is very consistent with nutritionalysis and biogenics. Actually I feel your program adds a professionalism that really exceeds other programs because of its simplicity and attention to insightful info for our clients. This is great because clients need to see measured results to see what is actually taking place with their bodies when on a nutrition and exercise program."

Marcel Bouthillette
Windham, ME


“We have been working with Art for over 10 years. He has been consistent with his innovative and superior products and service. Art has also gone above and beyond by offering advice and solutions to help our business perform better. Thanks for all you do Art!” April 6, 2010

Patty Durell -WeightLoss Dudette


Andy Schnadig
Holistic Performance
Encinitas, CA

“Arts supplied a myriad pf product that will without a doubt help you add value to your personal training business. His products are top notch and in my opinion a must have for any fitness professional” April 1, 2010

JJ Brawley


“Art is a fitness authority with extensive knowlege of the entire industry. I look forward to using him as a mentor if possible. I would recommend Art and Private Label Fitness as an integral part of any Fitness professional who wants to reach the pinnacle of the craft!” May 20, 2009

Sean Ruff

“Without Art I know my business would have grown at a much slower pace or may never have reached its current state” April 14, 2009

Lou Berthel


“Most personal training clients are desperately searching for a way to loose weight. We all know the biggest criteria for their success is to adjust their eating habits. The food journals from PNT have made my business look professional (with my logo on the front and back covers my clients often think I designed the journal). Most clients are surprised at the quality of the document. The best part is working with Art is straight forward and simple. He's one of the few vendors I would feel comfortable with doing business on a handshake.” March 21, 2009

Dave Turpin


“Art has provided educational and accountability books for my personal training clients for the past five years. The quality and and timliness of delivery has been outstanding. He is an expert in his field and provides outstanding service. From what I can tell he must be one hell of a snow skier, too! Thanks, Art! March 16, 2009

Doug Dienelt

“Art has been very helpful in my business and is very knowledgeable. I have recommended his business to many and will continue to in the future. Carol Flick Nutritionist/Personal Trainer” February 24, 2009

Carol Flick


“Art's products are effective tools for comprehensive weight loss and management. The books are customized just as your company needs. This is a great product.” February 11, 2009

Jeff Morgan


“Art provided our organization with some very high quality materials to support a wellness campaign we piloted this year. His expertise in the field, coupled with his creativity and his professionalism made it an easy choice to engage his services. Art is one of those people that just keeps moving, and you wind up benefitting from his efforts, often when you least expect it. Todd Herrick” November 5, 2008

Todd Herrick


“Art is very creative and hard working.” November 3, 2008

Shelley Ortiz


“Art is very personable over the phone. when I've placed orders and asked advice for products to help me with my business and my clients. You feel like your talking to a friend who has your best interest and your business in mind. Its always good to catch up with art when placing orders on the phone.” November 3, 2008

Rick Herrin
fitness trainer
rick herrin fitness


“I have worked with Art for well over a decade. His knowledge of the fitness industry combined with his marketing background makes him the go to person for any fitness club or personal trainer looking to create a niche, brand themselves and increase their bottom line. His website, his creativity in packaging, the resources he provides and his adaption to the changing marketplace allows fitness professionals to brand themselves in ways that only companies with million dollar budgets can do. If you are serious about increasing your profits Art is who you want to be working with!” November 1, 2008

Peter Zeiger

“I have ordered my supplies from Art for several years now and he is very dependable and reliable. I alway get my shipments really fast. It is easy to order online and they are very helpful over the phone, if I ever have any questions. I've also attended Arts workshops and have received valuable information to help grow my business. He is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to.” October 30, 2008

Jessica Thomas


“I've used Art's products and services on more than one occasion and found everything he does of very consistent quality....high level. He is a true example of "under promise/over deliver." While he's not afraid to toot the horn of his products, what he delivers has never been less than exceptional and very reasonably priced. Anytime I have a question, I email him and he answers personally. When I've requested a phone problem. Both myself and my clients have benefited from Art's products, and the best thing is, he listens to your feedback. If he has a product I'm even considering using, I know I can email him with my concerns and get answers. I highly recommend Art Rothafel and Private Label Fitness!

Deni Carruth
October 30, 2008


“If you are a trainer and you need journals to keep track of client workouts than Art is the only place to go. Like most trainers I wait until the last minute to reorder my journals, but with Art it doesn't even matter because they literally arrive at my gym in 24 hours. I would definitely recommend Art and Private Label Fitness.” October 27, 2008

Brian White


“Great guy that know his stuff. Very enjoyable to work with.” October 27, 2008

Terry Brown

“Art has always provided great service and value as well as great ideas. He is always willing to take action to make us (his clients) happy. Many products can be bought anywhere. Service and quality make the difference.” October 27, 2008

Barry Herbert


“Art has been helping the fitness industry for many years by publishing great tools for trainers and their clients! I definitely recommend Art and his company/products!” October 27, 2008

Corey Ritter


“Art is a great rep to work with. His customer service is excellent and he is punctual with the product as well as his emails. I highly recommend Art for anyone looking to help their personal training business grow!” October 26, 2008

Scott Keppel


“I believe that Art Rothafel is one of the easiest business owners that I, as a fitness professional, have had the pleasure of dealing with. He has always paid personal attention to my requests and needs. I have found him willing to go out of his way to accomodate my needs in the area of fitness promotional products. I highly recommend him and his company, of which the latter simply makes my life easier! Sincerely, Regina Cunningham” October 26, 2008

Regina Cunningham


“Art is very professional. He provides excellent service and is available for any of your questions or concerns.” October 26, 2008

Daphne L. Johnson
Daphne Johnson Fitness


“I am amazed at the service and value I recieve from Art and Private Label Fitness. He consistently gives a great product, customizable to my business, and the support products to make it easy for me to propel my business like posters. His business is to make my business profitable, and he makes it a s easy.” October 26, 2008

Kathleen Wood
Fragile Fitness


“I have worked with Art for about 8 years and each time I can count on state of the "ART" results on every level. I have never been disappointed and that makes my job much more effective.

Keith Hertling


“If you are a smart fitness professional and provoding your clients & customers high caliber, high quality personally branded nutritionals is a part of your marketing plan, (and it should be) Art Rothafel is the go-to-guy! -

Kurt Lee Hurley
www.OurFamily” October 26, 2008


“Briefly: Art is great and Private Label Fitness products are great! I was thrilled when Art asked me for a recommendation because I have been purchasing Private Label Fitness Products for years for my clients who own / operate fitness centers. However, I have never had the opportunity to tell potential buyers what great products Art's company offers--not to mention the prompt, reliable service. I started using Art's products almost ten years ago now. I have never had an order take longer than promised. I have never had an incorrect order. The products are the best in the industry and a great value. And. although I have never met Art in person, we have had extensive conversations over the years, and he is personable and a great business resource for perspective and advice. You are welcome to contact me personally if you'd like to ask additional questions regarding Art or his products.

Olinda Hill
October 26, 2008


“I enjoy working with Art because he is passionate about the fitness industry, his products and the fitness professionals he serves. I know that everything that I purchase from Art will be the highest quality and delivered in a record time. Art is dedicated to only providing the highest quality product to fitness professionals. It is refreshing knowing that I can go to Art's website for information and resources to help increase revenue using his products. I highly recommend Art Rothafel, his compnay and the products they provide.” October 26, 2008

Jennifer Malocha
Wuhoo Fitness

“Excellent service and products to help increase passive revenues of our Fitness Business” October 26, 2008

Georgette Pann

“Art's products have been an amazing tool for my health club and his wealth of knowledge superlative. Goods and services are always delivered in a gracious and timely manner. Lots of great freebies too!” October 26, 2008

Catt Tripoli
5th Street Fitness


“Art was, and continues to be, a great influence on my marketing strategy. His knowlegde and creative thinking have helped to inspire me to take my business to a new level.” October 26, 2008

Joe Palmieri

“Art designed a nutrition journal for me with my logo on it, and it was fantastic. I have always found Art to be personable, even personally calling me when I had questions, etc. He provides great products at great prices. I am no longer in the nutrition business, but if I were, I would definitely use Art's services again.” October 26, 2008

Lisa Sakaris Zeigler


“I have used Art's products to help grow my fitness business. The products he produces are put together well and very professional. I would recommend his products to any fitness professional looking for extra tools for their clients.” October 26, 2008

Brad Scott


“Working with Art and his company Private Label Fitness has been wonderful to me and my company. I can honestly say that Art has made me look more professional than I could have on my own and his company has provided me with services that have put me over the top with my clients. Art doesn't just provide a great product though, he provides a great attitude, personality and friendship. I know that I can call on Art and he will be there to answer my questions personally and I can always hear him smiling on the other end of the phone. That goes a long way with me in a day and time such as what we are living in now when customer service is not even a second thought. Art has taken customer service to a level few people will ever be able to compete with. And that is why I will always use Art's company and trust him as a businessman and friend.” October 26, 2008

JR Smith
Total Healthcare Fitness



“The protein I just received sold out the first day!  I always buy 12-15 jugs knowing 8 are already spoken for. I’ve been talking up this protein for years but many of my clients still choose other inferior, and most times, more costly brands.

This time it was different. They saw the killer private branded jugs with my company name and logo BUT the first thing they all remarked about was the red stevia badge.”

Geoff Kalmbach
Functional Fitness Training
Destin, FL



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