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"Workouts On-Demand"


A Membership Website with

Done-For-You, Video Workouts

All branded with YOUR LOGO... for your Online & Onsite health and fitness business!

How long... have you been thinking about offering your own online workouts?  A few weeks? ...Months? ...Years?


Perhaps you already tried -- only to find out how crazy difficult it is to pull it all together.


First... you need equipment like cameras, lights, a good microphone and appropriate background.


Then, you have to figure out the technology to get it up on a website with a shopping cart, payment gateway, membership firewall, etc.


Add it all up and... well, augghhh! 


It's way too complex. Too expensive.  And, incredibly time-consuming!


But, ultimately, you know that "online services" is where the industry is headed --  and, that you need to offer them in order to remain competitive  -- as well as a way to scale your business.


The Truth About Online "Workouts On-Demand..."


Here's what we've learned after 5 years of building membership websites for health professionals.


Most health and fitness professionals, like you, simply don't have the time or budget to produce their own workout on-demand video platforms. 


After all, you're already crazy busy helping your clients and running your own business.


And, even those who make the attempt often stall due to the overwhelming complexity and expenses involved. 


Or, maybe you're like thousands of fit pros and coaches who just aren't comfortable in front of a camera.


We ultimately learned the most time-efficient, cost-effective way to offer your clients "workouts on-demand" is to outsource it.

So, for the past year we've searched for pre-recorded workout videos that would make sense for our fitness partners. 


Most of what we found just didn't fit our concept - for numerous reasons.  Some were too "slick" with fitness models, bodybuilders and professional athletes.  Others were poorly produced.  It seemed like an impossible task.


We wanted a look, feel and personality that would "connect" and "resonate" with the average "time crunched" person who would most likely take advantage of the "on-demand" platform.  Like the busy mom with kids.  Or the "never home" sales professional.   And, maybe some of your clients...


Meet Ro Little. Add Her to Your Virtual Staff! your "ONLINE" WORKOUT SPECIALIST!

Then, we connected with certified fitness professional Ro Little, Pn1, PTS, FIS.   


She had already created a series of workout videos along with a ton of client support materials (see demo site) -   all of which can be branded with YOUR LOGO! 


Plus, as you'll see, Ro is super friendly and bubbly!  Her videos are not overly slick, but created in a home environment - just like your online clients. 


These online video workouts are somewhat "general" and are a great "fit" for a large segment of our fitness partners and the clients they serve.  


And, now, you can add Ro to YOUR TEAM, too!

That's right!  On your new branded membership website, we position Ro Little as part of your "ONLINE" TEAM.  We call her an "online workout specialist" (see demo site) but, you can give her any title that best represents your brand.


Your Choice of Individual Workouts!

Branded with YOUR LOGO!

Take your pick from nine (9) different Video Workouts On-Demand... with more on the way.
For a limited time, each total program is just $197
(Each Program includes all follow-along videos and branded support materials)


GET MOVING (description)
View this brief video as Ro Little shares all the "good stuff" just waiting for you inside the "Get Moving" Program.

Xpress Fit

XPRESS FIT (description)
Here's the motto for this program: "15-minutes. Play. Sweat. Done." It's one of our most popular workouts!

Strength & Mobility

STRENGTH & MOBILITY (description)
It’s a low-impact & low-intensity program to benefit your health & heart, improve your balance & mobility, strengthen bones & muscle.

3-Week Core Shred

3-WEEK CORE SHRED (description)
21 Days of 360 Degree CORE TRAINING that goes Beyond the Tummy –  We’re working abs, back, booty, and more.


LIFT (description)
We encourage ALL adults to use their muscles!  This program is for everyone - not just bodybuilders and athletes.


10-Minute HIIT (description)
This is the PERFECT program if you are the busy type of person who always says, "I don't have time to exercise!"


9-WEEK CROSS TRAIN (description)
Ready for this? Your challenge is to get better, stronger, faster & fitter over the 3 blocks (9 weeks) of this program.


4-WEEKS WITH BANDS (description)
A 28 day online fitness program that uses tension with RESISTANCE BANDS to safely & effectively activate and strengthen the muscles.


PULSE (description)
This is a 6 week, Barre-inspired, online fitness program, designed for everyone!  Helps improve balance, posture and strength.

We Make Your "Online" World Simple!

1. Order Your Website

✅  Complete Membership Website:  $699 + $99 month.

2. Select Workouts

✅  Done-For-You Video Workout Programs:  $197 each.

That's It..!

What's Included...

Think of this as a buffet.  The website buildout is the restaurant.  Then, just like the food items at a buffet, you can pick and choose whichever workouts will serve your clientele.  You can select just one workout, several workouts --  or all of them (for a discounted price).

✅  Complete Membership Website with all technology & maintenance included:  $699 + $99 month.

✅  Done-For-You Video Workout Programs:  $197 each.  All programs include video branding and comprehensive coaching guidelines and promotional materials.

If you already have your own on-demand videos, then please CLICK or TAP HERE...

  • Branded Membership Website

  • Video Hosting and Display

  • Secure Firewall to Protect Content

  • Automated and Manual Enrollment

  • Branded Membership Website

  • Video Hosting and Display

  • Secure Firewall to Protect Content

  • Automated and Manual Enrollment


Instant Value & Instant Profits

...for your Online & Onsite health and fitness business!

  • Generate New Profits:

    Workouts On-Demand can be marketed and sold as separate paid programming for enthusiasts worldwide.

  • Build Recurring Passive Income:

    Workouts On-Demand can also become a paid subscription / membership for online clients - otherwise known as "automated passive income."

  • Add Value:

    Workouts On-Demand will add value to existing products and services by expanding your offerings and providing access to your time-crunched clients.

  • Increase Retention:

  • Project Professionalism:

  • Confirmation Pages

  • Email Capture & Transfer

  • Secure Video Hosting

The GEEKY stuff...

But, it's tricky... to upload and successfully manage your exclusive, proprietary content as PAID PROGRAMMING.


If this is where you STALL... you're NOT alone.


Listen, putting content behind a secure fire wall in combination with a secure payment system requires a lot of complex tech work with many moving parts and integrations. 


This kind of planning, coding and development is not for the faint of heart. 


I know... because I've been doing this stuff for 25 years. 

  • Landing Pages

  • Optin Forms

  • Payment Gateways

  • Encryption Protocol

  • Content Embeds & Security

  • Confirmation Pages

  • Email Capture & Transfer

  • Secure Video Hosting

It's More Than Technology...


Creating a successful paid membership platform requires more than technology. 


It requires an understanding of the linear "flow."   


From prospect, to purchaser, to member -- and, then, to what level of access. 


It's complicated.

A Familiar Analogy

We've all seen the de-conditioned man or woman who joins a big box gym with no understanding of how his or her body works.  Nor anything about exercise technique or how the equipment is supposed to be used. 


Without help he or she is doomed to fail.  Or, even become injured!


The same holds true when most health professionals attempt to build their own membership sites.  


Without help, the site typically remains unfinished and the bank account drained.


We Do This Together



Building a successful membership platform is truly a partnership. 


  • Create the Content

    You create your own proprietary content including videos, articles, document downloads and whatever you want to market to your subscribers.

  • Drive Traffic to Your Site

    Next, you are responsible for "driving traffic" to your website and making an offer to your prospects. 


  • Build-out the "Membership" website

    We plan, develop and code all the technology required to facilitate a single or multi-program "membership" and/or subscription website. 

  • Operations

    We host and maintain the site for smooth uninterrupted operation as well as security and back-ups.


A Simple Single-Payment Program

This diagram demonstrates the flow of a simple SINGLE PAYMENT set-up for a SPECIFIC PROGRAM:  A 7-DAY CHALLENGE


1.)  LANDING PAGE:  You drive prospects from social media, email, etc. to your landing page where you showcase features, benefits and testimonials (of your offer) convincing your prospects to click on the BUY NOW button. 


2.PAYMENT GATEWAY:  Clicking BUY NOW, your prospect is redirected to the payment gateway (we recommend PayPal and will configure for you) and converted from prospect to subscriber.


3.SELF REGISTRATION:  Upon payment, the payment gateway automatically redirects the subscriber to a self-registration page where he or she creates an individual login in order to gain access to the protected content.


4.PROGRAM ACCESS:  With registration completed, the new subscriber is redirected to the protected PROGRAM.  From here on out, the subscriber can login to gain ACCESS to that program (and associated content). 


A Multiple Membership Platform

A multi-program set-up might include both a single payment access to a specific program  —  as well as a monthly subscription rate for full access to an ongoing updated program or library of workouts.   This membership framework might look something like this: