MAP 25 Pack

MAP_25PackThe MAP System Professional Package

This is a top line professional package.   For just $499 you have a complete, comprehensive Weight Management ProgramINSTANTLY!

This package is a “best seller” among sports teams, family practice medical facilities, chiropractors, corporate wellness programs and trainers who have a solid base of clients.

Bonus Tri-Fold Brochure…MAP_Trifold_FREE250

This is the most compact and comprehensive package available in the entire industry.  Everything you need including this promotional tri-fold brochure that we’ll create for you with YOUR LOGO!

To download right now so you can read the copy, CLICK HERE….

12 Mini-Posters

Plus with these professionally designed mini-posters you’ll be able to support and promote your programs as much as you like.  You get all 12 Mini-Posters/Handouts for FREE! (a $97 value)  with YOUR LOGO on the HEADER!   And, they are yours to keep FOREVER!  Print them as many times as you like!  By posting these 8.5 x 11″ posters and handouts around your facility, you will generate interest in your weight-management curriculum, personal training programs and fitness contests.   Smart Marketing Investment… Smart Branding…!

Basic Physiology





Aerobic Activity

Anaerobic Activity



Weight Training


Danger Foods



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