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L-Glutamine Ultra Pure Powder has proven and powerful muscle building effects. It also promotes protein synthesis While inhibiting protein breakdown. — 300 grams

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Ultra Pure Powder


This is a flavorless, easy-mixing, pure, free amino acid powder.


Clinical studies reveal that Glutamine supplementation can help support recovery after intense training by promoting energy replenishment, maintaining a healthy immune system and by maximizing your body’s buffering capacity against lactic acid build-up.


Glutamine is the most common amino acid found in your muscles – over 61% of skeletal muscle is Glutamine.


Glutamine consists of 19% nitrogen, making it the primary transporter of nitrogen into your muscle cells.


During intense training, Glutamine levels are greatly depleted in your body, which decreases strength, stamina and recovery. It could take up to 6 days for Glutamine levels to return to normal – and Glutamine plays a key role in protein synthesis.


Studies have shown that L-Glutamine supplementation can minimize breakdown of muscle and improve protein metabolism.


What Glutamine Powder Can Do For You


Glutamine plays key roles in protein metabolism, cell volumizing, and anti-catabolism. Glutamine also increases your ability to secrete Human Growth Hormone, which helps metabolize body-fat and support new muscle growth. Glutamine’s anti-catabolism ability prevents the breakdown of your muscles.


This is especially useful for people ‘cutting down’. Especially during summer when you’re trying to get rid of some body fat without losing any muscle.


Because Glutamine levels deplete during workouts, bodybuilders are more susceptible to illnesses – this is why L-Glutamine supplementation is so important, not necessarily to gain more muscle, but for the ‘maintenance’ effects of L-Glutamine.


L-Glutamine supplementation promotes a positive nitrogen balance and prevents the loss of muscle. Recent studies have shown that taking just 2 grams of L-Glutamine can increase growth hormone levels by 400%.


Optimal intake times for L-Glutamine Powder is in the morning, after a workout, and at night before bed time.

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