Honestly, “online courses” are super hot during this “stay-at-home” crisis.   


Thanks to Shelly Yee, a successful Health Coach / Personal Trainer in NYC, I’m going to share with you a brilliant idea that’s perfect for this crisis situation.   


And, it actually generates money.  


She turned her “online” ONBOARD 101 course into an “ACADEMIC CHALLENGE” — where everyone can be a “Winner!”


While everyone else is doing the same thing (streaming online workouts)…. THIS is the kind of “smart engagement” that will SEPARATE your business from competitors.





In a nutshell, the Challenge is this:


  • Start a 6-Week (2 chapters per week) or 12-Week Academic Challenge. 


  • Make it open to active, inactive and non-members – actually EVERYONE!


  • Charge just $19.99 per Client/Student/Patient/Employee (amount is up to you — whatever you feel is the appropriate market value).


  • Money collected is “pooled” for a Graduation Ceremony (Post COVID-19)  (* Shelly enrolled 212 people @$19.99 for a total of $4,237.88)


  • Promote via email, social media, media releases, etc. (For a MS Word variation of Shelly’s email, CLICK or TAP HERE…)


  • Must have “Certificate of Achievement” to attend the Graduation Ceremony / Party (automatically generated by Onboard-101 system).


  • Clients/Students/Patients/Employees – work their way through the course either on set schedule or on their own at their convenience.  However, there is a set completion date.  Course is monitored via the Admin Dashboard.


That’s all there is to it..!


Of course, you can add a few bells and whistles like Zoom Classroom discussions or tie the Challenge to private sessions or group workouts. 


But the basic premise of making it a “CHALLENGE” is what’s important.


It’s a great ENGAGEMENT promotion. 


  • Plus, you’ll be capturing names and emails from non-members


  • And, you’ll be reinforcing your credibility and strengthening your relationships with existing clients and prospects.   



Monitor your clients’ course progression through your admin dashboard.



Onboard-101 automatically generates a “Certificate of Achievement” with the Client’s Name and Your Name upon completion of Quiz #12.  Shelly requires participants bring this with them to the Graduation Ceremony / Party.   


What a photo shoot that will be with everybody holding up their certificates!!!




Shelly puts her participants into groups.  She then uses many of these TRACKING CHARTS to create physical “leader boards” for each group.  You can download this same chart.  Just CLICK or TAP HERE…





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