She Just Said “No!”



Talk about easy money…


Jamie Wilson runs groups (8-12) at her studio in Florida and made an extra $200 in less than 5-minutes. 


When we spoke the other day, she told me that most of her clients were using MyFitnessPal or MapMyFitness or some other app like FitBit — and it was beginning to impact her business.  Especially the nutrition side.


So, here’s what l told her.


Me:  “Just say no!”


Jamie: “What?”


Me: “Listen, they came to you with a purpose in mind...  to get in shape or lose weight or whatever, right?


Jamie: “Yes.”


Me: “Then why would you let them use their own tools?  That’s like me taking my car to a mechanic.. but, insisting he use my set of wrenches!   First off, most apps are highly inaccurate.  Especially in total daily caloric expenditure.  Plus, they don’t track things like sleep, emotions or body soreness.  And, there’s no real mind-body connection with simply clicking on buttons.  Handwriting it down immediately after performance is what ‘purposeful exercise’ is all about.


Jamie: “I never thought of it that way”


Me:  “It’s the responsibility of a professional trainer or coach to make sure clients are using the real professional tools that have proven successful over the years.   You just need to explain it to your clients.  Let them know why PROFESSIONAL TOOLS are important if they are serious about achieving their goals.  If they insist on wanting to use an app… tell them to use it on their own time.  But, when they are with YOU… they will be required to use the PROFESSIONAL TOOLS that YOU prescribe!”


Jamie: “O.K. I’ll try it!”




The very next day, she called me to say she sold 10 of her 8-Week Transformation Journals to her morning group. Once she explained “why” they needed them, there was absolutely no resistance whatsoever.